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Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

There are plenty of things that you can do to help organize a bedroom and maximize space, no matter the size. However, smaller bedrooms often seem like the hardest to get organized while maximizing your square footage. Here are a few ways to boost your space and keep things organized.  

Place Beds Strategically

Bed placement depends on the layout of the room. If you have kids, consider bunk beds or a bed that is mounted over a desk. This will give you the maximum amount of space that the room provides. If you have a room with a slanted wall, you can tuck a bed into the corner, against a wall. You can even place your beds from end-to-end within a room.    

Get Creative With Storage

Make the most of your wall space and put up plenty of shelving. You can even use shelving near the bed in place of night stands or other tables. This provides an extra place to store things and is out of the way.

The space under the bed is also a great place to tuck things away. You can get a bed with drawers installed in it, or raise your bed using risers and fit the bed with your own drawers or plastic containers.

Baskets are another great tool to help you stay organized. You can find behind-the-door basket organizers that allow you to keep things in without taking up much space in the bedroom. You can even consider placing baskets throughout the room on shelving units and dressers.    

Use Your Closet

No matter how large or small the closet in your bedroom is, you need to make use of the space. Use a shoe rack to keep footwear organized in the closet, Install additional shelving towards the back of the closet space in order to maximize the area that you have. 

Whether you are considering buying a home with a small bedroom or already have small space issues in your current home, there are many creative ways that you can make use of your space and make a small room feel bigger.